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Growing legions of workers are increasingly away from the physical workplace more often than not or simply do their work from other locations as an inherent part of their jobs. Others relocate for personal or family reasons or are hired by employers in other locations. Working remotely can be challenging for remote workers, while providing new opportunities for flexibility and expanded job options. Organizations also realize gains from remote work through improvements in productivity, cost-savings, business continuity preparedness, and employee retention. Communities and families benefit through less traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions, and improved work-life balance.

Often referred to as telecommuting when remote team members work from home, preparing those who work independently from a distance is critical to the success of remote workers, their teams, and their organizations. Organizations must ensure that t team members who work-from-anywhere have the motivation, skills, and appropriate support to succeed.

Successful remote work requires an understanding of the importance and application of skills such as time management, communication, independence, results orientation, and required technology proficiency. Those who telework from home must also manage the potential distractions of home and family demands. Leaders who manage remote teams must ensure that their distributed team members are adequately prepared to achieve success working from a distance and working effectively with their remote team members. This is more challenging and requires particular organizational action when remote work is implemented as either a planned strategy or as an reactive response to weather, security, or health emergencies.

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