Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

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Studies and first-hand experiences of many in all walks of life indicate that people are working longer hours, are under more stress, and quietly yearn for some semblance of balance in their lives. Increasingly, overwork is being identified as not just a stress inducer, but as a very real medical problem leading to heart disease, cancer and other stress-related medical problems. People are increasingly seeking ways to find balance, and some organizations are beginning to confront the issues seriously and proactively.

How do we find balance in light of conflicting demands? How do we maintain positive relationships with our families when working long hours? How do we deal with the overload created by email, voice mail and the relentless access provided by technology tools that keep us connected to work and information flow almost constantly? In short, how do we live our lives in ways that make us productive and satisfied at work, at home, and in our communities?

VirtualWorks! offers timely programs and presentations to help individuals and organizations address the challenges related to work-life balance. We focus on how individuals can work more productively in the digital age, and our services support the expanding work-life initiatives sponsored by enlightened organizations. We also help organizations establish or improve the integration of technology tools and communication methods for enhanced productivity in the far-reaching and increasingly virtual workplace. Organizations have increasingly come to realize the importance of implementing work-life initiatives in support of their corporate values. Organizations that help workers successfully integrate their personal and work lives find they have more productive employees, retain the best and brightest, and promote innovation.

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