Debra Dinnocenzo introduces Season 2 of the Remote Leadership Podcast, highlighting the new challenges leaders face in the expanding remote/hybrid work environment and the critical skills remote leaders identify as essential to their success. Helping remote leaders excel in leading from a distance, building high-performance hybrid teams, and managing talent acquisition and retention that ensures attainment of performance goals is the focus of Season 2, offering solutions, best practices, and creative ways to strengthen the human side of the remote workplace for the growing legions of remote/hybrid leaders.

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About the Host:

Since publishing her first book on telecommuting in 1999, Debra has been a pioneer in the shift to virtual work and remote leadership. Few practitioners in the field have the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience that distinguishes Debra in the hybrid workplace and remote leadership space. As a nationally recognized expert in remote workplace and distance leadership, Debra has spoken widely on related topics, and developed and taught “Leadership in the Virtual Workplace,” an online graduate-level course.

Debra A. Dinnocenzo is president and founder of VirtualWorks!, a consulting, coaching, and training firm that specializes in virtual work issues. Debra is a dynamic keynote speaker, innovative educator, impactful coach, seasoned executive, and successful author. 

Debra is the co-author of the recently released book, REMOTE LEADERSHIP – Successfully Leading Work-from-Anywhere and Hybrid Teams, as well as several other books on remote and virtual teams.

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Debra Dinnocenzo:

I'm excited to welcome you to Season Two of the Remote Leadership Podcast. While many aspects of the current workplace environment continue to be challenging, and in an evolving state of flux, hybrid work models, and continued versions of remote leadership, continue to represent what I call our next normal. Leaders I talk with recognize that workplace flexibility is essential to meeting their omnipresent battle for talent. Ensuring that talent is retained and is motivated. As well as tapping into talent from afar when necessary, is the order of the day. Many leaders are committed to adapting and developing the skills they need to be the type of leader that excels in our evolving dispersed work environment. But most leaders also recognize the unique challenges, their own deficits, and the need to be laser focused in some critical areas. During upcoming episodes of the remote leadership podcast, we'll drill down on these critical areas that leaders identify as both challenging and essential to their effectiveness in leading from a distance, also building high performance hybrid teams, and managing talent acquisition and retention that ensures they meet their performance goals. While the remote workplace isn't necessarily a new phenomenon, the rate at which remote and hybrid work now characterizes the workplace is certainly no. But what's clear is that the basic leadership skills continue to be those that leaders recognize as vital. Communication, empathy, relationship building. Of course, now leaders must apply those skills remotely. And that remains a challenge, figuring out how, how often which tools to use, how to feel comfortable, and how to convey authenticity in the digital environment, and how to blend on site opportunities with hybrid work that leverages that on site time, often in light of limited budgets, or limited physical space for all team gatherings. And leaders still want to do what I so often emphasize in my training, coaching and keynote addresses, replicate and simulate in the virtual environment. Those activities we would do, or we used to do when everyone was typically or mostly on site together. These are some of the challenges remote leaders now face more pervasively, and the topics will address during upcoming podcasts, with a focus on solutions, best practices, and creative ways to strengthen the human side of the remote workplace.

Debra Dinnocenzo:

Thanks for joining me for this journey throughout season two. And don't hesitate to reach out to me if I can help you with the challenges you and your organization are facing. You can contact me in a variety of ways. Just see the show notes for the best ways to reach me. Thanks for listening and always learning