Insights from Mark Elliott on challenges, solutions, and best practices for onboarding new leaders and keys to effective onboarding of leaders and managers in the expanding remote/hybrid workplace. 

About the Guest:

Onboarding Services, LLC, founder Mark Elliott has decades of experience in talent management consulting worldwide. He has worked with hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries on leadership assessment and development, executive recruitment and assimilation, leader onboarding, succession, and organizational development. Mark’s practice currently focuses on executive coaching; he has used his insight and experience to successfully counsel more than 400 senior leaders. 

Mark is also the developer of PowerStart Onboarding, a proprietary onboarding process that provides coaching support and leadership development for newly placed leaders at all organizational levels. He has designed and implemented several leadership development courses.

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About the Host:

Debra A. Dinnocenzo is president and founder of VirtualWorks!, a consulting and training firm that specializes in virtual work issues. Debra is a co-author of the recently released book, REMOTE LEADERSHIP – Successfully Leading Work-from-Anywhere and Hybrid Teams, as well as several other books on remote and virtual teams. 

Since publishing her first book on telecommuting in 1999, Debra has been a pioneer in the shift to virtual work and remote leadership. Few practitioners in the field have the depth of knowledge and hands-on experience Debra brings to her work. As a nationally recognized expert on the virtual workplace, has spoken widely on related topics, and developed and taught “Leadership in the Virtual Workplace,” an online graduate-level course offered by Duquesne University. Previously, Debra was a teleworking executive and has worked from her home office for more than two decades.


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