Join Debra Dinnocenzo as she talks about her mission to help leaders navigate the world of remote leadership as working from anywhere becomes the new normal.

Debra Dinnocenzo:

Hi, I'm Debra Dinnocenzo. And I really look forward to having you join me. For the remote leadership podcast, I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and why I'm doing this podcast and my journey to get to where I am. So I started my very first work from home full time work from home experience, when I was offered a job as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for a company located in Connecticut, and I am in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have been here for over 30 some years, and was actually born here, but moved away for a while. And when I came back, I really didn't want to leave here. And so I turned the job down. It was a great job. But the CEO who wanted me to go and work for him had known me from an industry association group. And so he was familiar with my capabilities. And he said, Oh, wait, I really want you for this job. And we are rolling out this really cool thing called picture tell. And we're going to install these video conferencing computers in some of our field offices, and why don't we just put one in your Pittsburgh office and you can work from there and you know, fly to Connecticut every now and then. So I thought that sounded like a great idea. And so that's, that's what I did. And so that was pretty exciting. And went very well. And I had another experience as well, as a back then we called it telecommuting executive, although there were not a lot of us back then I have to say, and the you know, the picture tells system for anyone listening who happens to remember, picture tell.

Debra Dinnocenzo:ile, you'll remember, back in: